Elect Keiser for Senate

  • Chosen to be a delegate for the 2016 Republican National Convention to ensure the nomination of Donald J. Trump for President.
  • Honored by Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart and entered into the Congressional Record for Women’s History for her life’s work to impact Florida’s economic and workforce welfare, global competitiveness, and the legal, education and healthcare communities. (March 23, 2016).
  • Appointed by Governor Rick Scott to the Constitution Revision Commission to ensure our state constitution reflects our conservative values. Lead sponsor on amendment establishing the Office of Domestic Security & Counterterrorism. Co-sponsor on amendment to prevent oil drilling off Florida’s coast and initiative passed by the legislature requiring a supermajority vote of both houses to raise taxes and fees.
  • Appointed by Governor Rick Scott to the Board of Directors of Enterprise Florida and Space Florida to attract business and industry creating jobs for a prosperous Florida economy.
  • Appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to the Judicial Nominating Commission for eight years to ensure conservative judges with strict constitutionalist values are appointed.

John Boehner

Embodiment of the American Dream

Belinda Keiser is an entrepreneur and the embodiment of the American Dream. She understands that free markets and individual liberty is the cornerstone of American success. She is a businesswoman who understands how to create jobs, keep a balanced budget, and will grow our state’s economy, much like she has her own business.

John Boehner, Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives

John Kazanjian

PBA Supports Keiser

We will ask our members, their friends and families… and all citizens who respect the strong and efficient enforcement of our laws to cast their ballots in support of Belinda Keiser.

John Kazanjian, President of Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association, Inc. & Vice President of Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

Matt Puckett

Florida Police Benevolent Association Endorses Keiser

The Florida Police Benevolent Association proudly endorses Belinda Keiser for Florida District 25. On behalf of all Florida law enforcement officers, correctional officers, probation officers, emergency communications and civilian personnel throughout the state, we encourage all of our members and those who support our laws to vote for Belinda Keiser.

Matt Puckett, Executive Director, Florida Police Benevolent Association