“Belinda is my kind of Republican, we need to send Political Outsider Belinda Keiser to Tallahassee to help drain the swamp that exist there, too. (Some say it’s worse than D.C.!)

We need someone like Belinda who isn’t beholden to special interests or party bosses…”

– Karen Giorno, Former state director, regional political director and national director of voter engagement for the Trump presidential campaign.

Testimony from Karen Giorno: Belinda is my kind of Republican

Meet Karen Giorno:Karen as President Trump's Florida Director through the Primary, Southeast Regional Director through the convention and nominating process, and national director of voter engagement. She was working from Trump Tower to swing Florida and the other swing states red during the general election. #BelindaKeiser #TrustedConservative #KeiserforSenate #martincounty #stuartflorida #district25

Posted by Belinda Keiser on Thursday, June 28, 2018